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Interactive Plays

90-minute session comprising of a Play + Interactive Lecture.

Performed to an entire year group.


Please see What We Offer for tour dates.

All Play + Interactive Lectures follow the same format, outlined below:

How do the sessions run?

The play and lecture are performed by 3 professional actors.


We start with a 10 minute introduction, outlining the themes and clarifying the facts and any laws surrounding the topic, and inviting the students to answer questions and get involved.


The Play runs for 50 minutes. It is followed by a 30 minute interactive lecture, where students are encouraged to discuss some of the characters' choices. We replay some of the key scenes and they are invited to offer the character's advice.

Group Sizes

The Play + Interactive Lecture is designed to be performed to large groups, such as 1 or more year groups.

We can also work with smaller groups, which allows us to be more interactive in the post-show lecture.

Timings & Set-up

The actors arrive 30 minutes before their performance start-time to sign in and set-up.

The session runs for 90 minutes.

(We can shorten or lengthen this to suit your timetable).

Pack down takes 15 minutes.


We can run 2 sessions in 1 day, or 1 play + multiple post-show workshops working with smaller groups. please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can perform in any large hall, assembly hall or sports hall - wherever you can fit us!


The sets are simple and fit into the back of our (normal sized) company car, and we don't require any technical equipment or projectors.


Because our products are centred around the strength of our fantastic actors, our set up is extremely simple and undisruptive.

To see the range of Play + Interactive Lectures we offer, please click below:


Prices are dependent on how many performances we run.

We offer discounts for multiple workshop bookings.


Please see our pricing structure or contact us to discuss your requirements.

No. of Performances
10% Early Bird Discount
Max no. of Students
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