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Getting Young People Talking

UpFront Theatre Company believes that - more often than not - most students are pretty well-informed. They know the facts; they are aware of what's "right" & "wrong" and they have an ocean of resources provided within school, online & in the media. However, filling the gaps, and putting these "rights or wrongs" into action, can prove to be the tricky part.


All UpFront Theatre Company products have an interactive or forum theatre element; and are designed to enable the students to become an active audience and think for themselves. We don't want to tell them what to think; by showing them characters in challenging situations, we encourage students to put themselves in the characters shoes & question 'what would I do?'


Whether it's a workshop, assembly or play, we invite students to ask questions, give advice and articulate opinions. UpFront Theatre Company gets young people talking.

The following feedback has been collated from post-show reports and student feedback forms sent in from schools, verbal feedback following the workshop, and suggestions made during the workshops.

Student Feedback

"It was good because it showed examples of what was happening & not just talking about it... it was going on in front of us."

- Year 10


"Good acting!"

- Year 6


"It just felt young... and real... real issues."

- Year 9


"Good... no actually... very good!

- Year 8


"Even if you personally aren't doing that stuff now, it is relatable as you know it's going on and there's things you can remember for later."

- Year 10


"Funny and easy to relate to."

- Year 9


"One of the things you talked about today happened to a girl my year..."

- Year 10

Some of our favourite comments/suggestions from Forum

"You need to respect my choice. I like who am I am."

Year 8 Student: line-feed to character whose friend who is putting her under pressure to change and conform.

The Awkward Chat - Puberty


"If Tash is feeling sad, she should tell her friend instead of shouting at her because maybe her friend can give her some advice."

Year 6 Student: advice to a character who is feeling sad because they are being bullied, but are struggling to express themselves.

KS2 Healthy Relationships & Bullying


"What is your hurry to grow up? Trying all this stuff before you're ready actually makes you seem more immature."

Year 8 Student: hot seat question to a character who is experimenting with drugs and alcohol

In Harm's Way


"How can we help you if we don't know what's going on..."

Year 5 Student: line-feed to Teacher character whose is trying to talk to a student whose parents have recently seperated.

KS2 Mental Health & Managing Transition


"It's not fair to not let me tell anyone. You're putting the responsiblity on me if anything were to happen."

Year 10 Student: line-feed to character whose friend is self-harming.

The Serious Chat - Mental Health


"The internet is real!! A stranger is still a stranger."

Year 5 Student: advice to a character who is chatting to someone online.

KS2 Risky Behaviour & E-Safety


"You need to listen to her, not try to solve her problems... I know you're trying to help but you're seem agressive & insensitive."

Year 10 Student: advice to friend character whose trying to help her best friend with exam stress.

The Serious Chat - Mental Health


"Everyone's going to laugh at me but you should give him a hug. It's stupid that boys who are friends can't hug. Physical contact is really important."

Year 10 Student: advice to male character whose trying to help his friend who is feeling really low.

In Harm's Way


"You should break up with him if he's putting you under pressure. It's not a respectful relationship and it will only get worse."

Year 9 Student: advice to girlfriend character whose boyfriend who is putting her under sexual pressure.

The Awkward Chat - Sex & Relationships


"You shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask someone not to litter or use less plastic, it's my planet too. I'd make it illegal if I was Prime Minister. In fact, I should just be Prime Minister."

Year 6 Student: advice to a character who feels awkward telling their friend not to litter.

The Open Chat - Climate Change


"You are not being a gentleman, you have to be gentle to be a gentelman."

Year 7 Student: advice to boyfriend character who is pressuring & bullying his girlfriend.

The Awkward Chat, Relationships

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