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Feedback from Teachers

The following Teacher feedback has been collated from post-show feedback forms and verbal feedback following the sessions.

"Thank you for providing an engaging production for our students. They found it very interesting and their response since seeing it is that they would like to have more similar productions in future. The actors did a great job with the students, the performance was an appropriate length and the topics were tackled sensitively but with a great deal of realism."

- In Harm's Way Feedback, Head of Y9


"The actors were brilliant. Students loved the workshop, learnt a lot and really engaged in the post show discussion we had."

- The Serious Chat - Drugs and Alcohol, Form Tutor Y8


"The assembly was interactive, engaging and involved all who attended. The content was well pitched and style of deliver was well matched to the audience."

- KS2 Healthy Relationships & Bullying Assembly Feedback, Form Tutor Y6


"It was interactive and gave the students a chance to be a part of the play by asking questions rather than just passive observers."

- Play + Interactive Lecture Feedback, Y8-11, Head of Year & PSHE Co-ordinator


"You really spoke their language, they were completely engaged."

- The Awkward Chat - Sex & Relationships Feedback, Form Tutor Y9


"Relevant topics, open discussions and creating a safe and engaging environment for our students."

- The Serious Chat - E-Safety, Form Tutor Y7


"Excellent show. Really engaged students and made them much more aware of real issues that effect them, and gave them opportunities to ask questions in a safe space."

- In Harm's Way Feedbac, Y9-11, Head of Pastoral


"Really impessive, the students loved it... I'm no drama expert but the rapport that you developed with the students was fantastic and the quality of answers that were being produced was really good... and all done in such a fun and interactive way."

- Variety of workshops Y7 - Y12, Assistant Headteacher


"The play was excellent, very engaging, the topic was covered very well and was relevant to our students. it showed how student must talk about their feelings etc."

- In Harm's Way Feedback, PSHE Co-ordinator, Head of Y8


" The actors engaged the students very well. They were more vocal in their participation than I had expected on such a sensitive topic."

- The Serious Chat - Mental Health Assembly, Head of Y10


"Stimulating and lively ; very good rapport and control."

- KS2 Mental Health & Managing Transition Feedback, Form Teacher Y5


"The resource to plan for the play and follow-up afterwards are very good."

- Play + Interactive Lecture Feedback, Form tutor Y10

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