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Interactive Workshops & Assemblies

60-minute high quality, detailed & flexible workshops or assemblies.

Performed to students in small or large groups.

May suit carousel days or one-off visits. Available throughout the year.

All workshops and assemblies follow the same format, outlined below:

How do the sessions run?

Our workshops are performed by 3 professional actors.


We start by breaking down what we are covering in the sessions: we explore the definitions, clarify facts and any laws surrounding the topic, and invite the students to answer questions and get involved.


The students are then shown scenes with characters in everyday, relatable situations.


We use elements of Augusto Boal's 'Forum Theatre: following scenes which see young characters with conflicting objectives, we freeze the action and split the audience into groups; the students are invited to advise the characters about what to do next. This is designed

to allow students to articulate opinions and feelings in a safe, objective environment.

Group Sizes

Interactive Workshops

These are a bespoke product, performed to students in smaller groups to enable us to explore some of these complex issues in more detail.


Due to the nature of the workshops and in accordance with PSHE Association Guidelines, the workshops are performed in smaller groups.

It's up to you how many students you would like to have in each workshop, but the maximum is 75 (or 2 form groups). The process is repeated as many times as necessary until the whole year group is covered.


They work well as a follow-up to an UpFront Theatre Company play, or as a standalone session & particularly suit carousel days.



Interactive Assemblies

UpFront Theatre Company is aware that very few schools have an extensive PSHE budget to play with. Our Interactive Assemblies follow the same design as the Interactive Workshops, however, by modifying the interactive elements, we are able to see more students at one time.


Assemblies can be booked as a standalone session or multiple performances.

Timings & Set-up

Each workshop is punchy, considered and designed to fit neatly into one school period.

Timings are flexible and we can run at anything from 45 minutes to 1 hr 15 mins.


Because our products are centred around the strength of our fantastic actors, our set up is extremely simple and undisruptive. The team arrives 30 minutes prior to the performance and brings:


Our Kit

1 x small suitcase

3 x Actors

No technical or electrical equipment or projectors required

That's it!

To see the range of workshops/assemblies we offer, please click below:


Prices are dependent on how many workshops/assemblies we run.


We offer discounts for multiple workshop bookings.


Please see our pricing structure or contact us to discuss your requirements.

For multiple workshops, the cost is based on repetitions of the same workshop.

No. of Sessions (60 mins)

We will happily run a variety of workshops throughout the day. Please let us know your requirements and we will work out an accurate quote.


*Single workshops outside of London are not available.

subject to travel costs at 45p/mile.

Single workshops beyond a certain distance from London are not available. Two or more workshops must be booked.

Bespoke Workshop - £100

90-minute Workshop - +15%

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