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Bespoke Workshop - Body Image (KS3-5)

60-minute high quality, detailed & flexible workshops or assemblies.

Performed to students in small or large groups.

May suit carousel days or one-off visits. Available throughout the year.

How do the sessions run?

Our workshops are performed by 3 professional actors.

We start by breaking down what we are covering in the sessions: we explore the definitions, clarify facts and any laws surrounding the topic, and invite the students to answer questions and get involved.
The students are then shown scenes with characters in everyday, relatable situations.

We use elements of Augusto Boal's 'Forum Theatre: following scenes which see young characters with conflicting objectives, we freeze the action and split the audience into groups; the students are invited to advise the characters about what to do next. This is designed to allow students to articulate opinions and feelings in a safe, objective environment.

What We Cover

How our bodies, and how we feel about them can be impacted by puberty, mental health and peer pressure.

Our Body Image workshop explores issues included in the PSHE Suggested Programme of Study (Core Theme 1 – Health and Well-being and Core Theme 2 - Relationships).

We take a focused look at myths & facts surrounding puberty including what it is, how your body will develop and potential side effects such as acne, body odour and mood swings.

The students are invited to offer advice to a series of characters, including a young person who is experiencing low self-esteem and is controlling their eating; and someone who is experiencing a change in friendship groups as their classmate is trying to control how they dress, look & express themselves.

We conclude by outlining help and resources available.

We're more than happy to tailor the workshop upon request to focus on any issues you feel are particularly relevant to your students.

Included with the workshop

  • Teacher's further work pack

Why is it so important to discuss Body Image with young people?

Young Minds, PAPYRUS, Childline & NSPCC have all said 'more open and frank conversations should be encouraged with children.

One survey of 11–16-year-olds in the UK by Be Real found that 79% said how they look is important to them, and over half (52%) often worry about how they look. 

In a Mental Health Foundation survey of young people aged 13–19, 35% said their body image causes them to 'often' or 'always' worry.

In young people, body dissatisfaction has been linked to risk-taking behaviours and mental health problems. 

One survey of UK adolescents by Be Real found that 36% agreed they would do ‘whatever it took’ to look good, with 57% saying they had considered going on a diet, and 10% saying they had considered cosmetic surgery. 

Among secondary school boys, 10% said they would consider taking steroids to achieve their goals.

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